Alte italienische Violine G. Gandolfi (Werkstatt)
Italian Violin,Workshop Guiseppe Gandolfi
Ca. 1910 very good condition.
very fine tone
€ 9999,-

4/4 Cello, neu, auch kl. Größen lieferbar 1/4-1/2-3/4
€ 1690,-

4/4 Violinset
€ 799,-

Violinset 1/8 - 3/4 Größe
€ 525,-

Rene Vautrin Violine 1922
€ 4500,-

Meistercello R. Fuchs 1959
Master cello from the workshop
R. Fuchs Aalen, Württemberg 1959
Corresponding note and Branding
great sound
€ 7500,-

Cello Deutsch
Classic 100% authentic handwork according to old Mittenwalder tradition.
L. Rieger is known for his excellent cellos. No cracks.
100% genuine with appropriate label and brand stamp
€ 11999,-

3/4 Violine Thibouville- Lamy ca. 1910
old 3/4 Violin , with Pernambucco Bow
and Case
€ 1800,-

Violine Helmuth Laue 1956!!
Earliest known violin, my uncle and predecessor to the business
Clean work excellent sound
€ 6500,-

Violine Johann Georg Thir, Wien anno 1750 - 1760
Magnificent violin by Johann Georg Thir from his "golden period". Between 1750 and 1760 J.G. Thir created his most beautiful instruments, a golden varnish base with a very transparent coating. Very beautifully preserved violin from this era. Sound very beautiful.
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Violinbogen H.R.Pfretschner ca. 1910
Outstanding violin bow
H.R.Pfretschner Silbergarnitur,
excellent playing characteristics
Weight approx. 60 Gr. in all parts are genuine and belongs together.
€ 5500,-

Cello ANTON WINTER, Regensburg ca. 1920
Outstanding master cello, by A. Winter about 1920, staff of GUISEPPE FIORINI, who probably influenced him sustainably. The cello is optically and soundly like the best of Italian instruments. Montagnana model, fantastic woods, enormous sound and sound quality, best condition, brand stamp
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2 Stck. 4/4 Celloset kompl. mit Koffer u. Bogen
Student cello set in 4/4 size complete with cello case u. Bow, in our own workshop completely ready to play with strings, bridge, voice stick, whirling etc. 2X available from short-term rental / screening cello
Practical without signs of wear
€ 990,00

Violine Petrus Gaggini Nicea anno 1956
Very interesting, violin from the Southern French / Italian school.
Good state of preservation, enormous sound suitable for soloist. Wonderful oil varnish. Brand stamp inside u. Outside
€ 9999,-

Violine Neuner & Hornsteiner anno 1915
Very nice violin, 100% original Mittenwald work, perfectly preserved.
Best variant of the Neuner & Hornsteiner instruments, beautiful tone
€ 12000.-

Violine Wilhelm Welkner, Augsburg anno ca. 1930
Typical Augsburg masterpiece by Wilhelm Welkner, Augsburg, wonderful oil varnish, very nice patina, absolutely intact condition, nice tone.
fire temple
€ 6000,-

Eugen Gärtner, Stuttgart Werkstatt ca. 1920
Very nice violin from the workshop of Eugen Gärtner, Stuttgart in ca.1920. Perfect condition, very nice maple back made in rind cut, oil varnish, Veronese model, branding and slip 100% authentic.
€ 6000,-

Violine Moritz Heinrich Schuster, 1924
Perfectly preserved very beautiful violin by Heinrich Moritz Schuster, Markneukirchen in 1924. Original invoice from the manufacturer from 1924 over 900, - !!! Goldmark is here!
€ 2999,-

4/4 Meistercello ca. 1850 W.H. Hammig
Very old, pretty German cello, probably from the workshop of W.H. Hammig, Leipzig around 1850, in good condition, very extensive, beautiful tone
€ € 12000.-

4/4 Cello sächsisch, um 1900
Very good Saxon student cello. Markneukirchen around 1900, well preserved, beautiful, extensive tone typical execution. Stradivarius note.
€ 4500,-

4/4 Cello, deutsche Meisterarbeit ca. 1950, herrliche Hölzer
Very nicely built German master cello around 1950, very interesting tone, super nice tonewoods
€ € 5500,-

3/4 Geige Eugen Gärtner, Stuttgart ca. 1920
a 3/4 violin in an absolutely sophisticated design from the workshop of E. Gärtner Stuttgart approx. 1920 for the ambitious young violinist, authentic note u. Brand mark, very good condition
€ € 3000,-

Barockvioline 1650 - 1700 ital. Zettel
Very old baroque violin, built appreciated
around 1650 - 1700 Italian note beautiful baroque preparation with baroque bridge fingerboard, tailpiece, gut strings, etc. partly very archaic construction, e.g. F - holes without inlay
Baroque master bow can be purchased cheaply
€ 8999,-

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